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Mould spores are found in dust particles in every household and workplace and most of the mould found indoors occurs at levels that are safe for healthy people. However, when mould spores multiply and grow to considerable quantities it can become toxic and long-term exposure is especially dangerous to people and animals. Mould can lie dormant inside walls for years before it becomes a noticeable problem as mould spores are easily spread through air ventilation system exposing everyone in the building. Mould remediation is a specialized process requiring an in-depth knowledge and understanding of mould, it's risks, and the required process to properly remediate. PENTA Restoration Services is certified by the IICRC (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification) and our trained technicians use the most up-to-date commercial dehumidification and air-purifying equipment available, CEPA approved disinfectants and sealants to clean building materials, following all guidelines for indoor air quality.​​ Penta Restoration Services will contain and remove all hazardous mould, decontaminate and clean your property to ensure the health and safety of all  it's occupants. 

Mould Remediation Services: 

  • Microbial Investigation & Assessments

  • Encapsulated Air-Tight Containment

  • Microbial Abatement Design

  • Remediation Services

  • Negative Air Machine

  • HEPA Filtration

  • Hygrometers

  • Low Grain Dehumidifiers

  • Post Remediation Monitoring


For Immediate Response Call Our 24 Hour Emergency Line: 


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